Nikah Episode 80 Geo tv 9 April 2023

Pakistani Drama serial Nikah Episode 80 premiered on 9th April 2023. Catch up with all your favorite episodes of Geo TV channel dramas and tune in for the amazing show! You can also check out the earlier episodes of Nikah here.

Pakistani Dramas

Pakistani Dramas are well known for their Excellent Storytelling and high-quality Production as well Top notch Acting. They gained popularity all over the world, especially in Europe and Asia. They are covering a wide range of categories such as romantic dramas, historical epics, and social issues.

Pakistani Dramas cover main societal issues such as mental health, domestic violence, and child abuse. These topics are not the entertaining the audience but also educating them about these social Issues. In recent past few years, the number of actors and Writers has grown in the Pakistani drama industry.

GEO TV Dramas

GEO TV is one of the top brands and tv channels in the Pakistani drama industry. If you want to watch Romantic and reality of life, then GEO TV Dramas are top of the list. GEO TV Dramas cover a wide range of genres such as family dramas, thrillers, and crime dramas.

The main theme of this channel is Pakistani society, such as women’s rights, corruption, and religious extremism. They also shed light on the realistic portrayal of relationships and family dynamics. GEO TV plays an important role in the Pakistani drama industry with a loyal fan base.

Nikah GEO TV Drama

Nikah is a strong and motivating story of a little kid’s battle for her social and strict freedoms.
Stubborn and sure ordinarily, Anusha is a wonderful little kid who knows how to defend her privileges. Subsequent to losing her mom quite early on, Anusha has been raised by her auntie, Umaima with a ton of affection and care. Umamia is a piece reluctant about Anusha’s decisiveness and frequently makes her comprehend.

Class colleagues and closest companions, Anusha and Haris are infatuated with one another and before long arrange to wed. Going against the norm, Hamdaan is an attractive young fellow who has a place with a well-off family and is the main child of his dad. He experiences passionate feelings for Anusha on his absolute first gathering with her anyway is deferential to Anusha’s decisions.

Anusha’s expectations and dreams come crashing down when Haris challenges her considerations. The evidently liberal texture of Haris and his family is uncovered when Anusha stands firm for her freedoms. In the wake of losing everything, will Anusha stay consistent with herself and battle despite everything? Notwithstanding everything, will Anusha understand her actual admirer and ally in the type of Hamdaan?


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