Nazish Jahangir Replies to Why Is She Difficult To Work With

Nazish Jahangir is a lovely new expansion in the Pakistani media Industry. Nazish Jahangir has become well known in a more limited timeframe in light of her delightful looks and her popular dramatizations like Kamzarf, Saraab, Berukhi, Ghammandi, Dil Tanha, and Kaheen Profound Jalay.

As of late, Nazish Jahangir showed up in The Night Show with Ayaz Samoo where she answered the assertion of Fahad Sheik that she’s hard to work with. She additionally discussed why she’s challenging to work with, she said she is specific about her installments and that is the reason individuals feel she’s hard to work with.

Nazish Jahangir said, “No, I won’t ever abandon a solitary penny, I have a straightforward rule, I take as much time as is needed, I’m a lady of standards, certain individuals say that I am rude however in the event that you wouldn’t disturb me or wreck with me, then I won’t bother you, certain individuals say that she’s challenging to work with, indeed, I’m hard to work with.

\I just don’t go to the shoot in the event that the creation doesn’t pay me, since I’m requesting my well-deserved cash, on the off chance that I was on time,, my check ought to be on time, in the event that I was late on set, they reserve the option to give my check late and I give nothing free of charge to anybody”. Here is the connection to the video:

Recall that, Fahad Sheik said that Nazish Jahangir is hard to work with. He communicated his perspectives on Fahad Mustafa’s show The Fourth Umpire Show. Examine the video:

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