Mohsin Abbas Haider Thinks Social Media Is Destroying Lives

Mohsin Abbas Haider Thinks Social Media Is Destroying Lives

Mohsin Abbas Haider is a splendid Pakistani entertainer, host, writer, and vocalist. He is famously known for his strong vocals. He is additionally known due to forming, composing, and singing numerous melodies including Uddi Ja. He is likewise respected as an entertainer, his well-known dramatizations incorporate Meri Suriya, Muqabil, Meeras, Mohabbat Chor Di Maine, and Lashkara.

As of late, his theatrics Siyani got tremendous notoriety. As of late, the Meri Guriya entertainer showed up in The Night Show with Ayaz Samoo in which he imparted his insight about online entertainment. Mohsin Abbas Haider said, “web-based entertainment is phony, it’s undeniably founded on lies, many homes and resides have been annihilated by virtual entertainment since individuals are showing their phony sides.

They have made counterfeit excellence principles, they are depicting counterfeit ways of life and parading two or three objectives. Individuals generally attempt to parade their ideal side via virtual entertainment which doesn’t exist, they don’t display their defects and flaws, assuming they would display the truth, we would have the option to gain anything from it however dislike that”. Examine the video interface:

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