Heer Da Hero Episode 18 Geo tv 9th April 2023

Pakistani Drama serial Heer Da Hero Episode 18 premiered on 9th April 2023. Catch up with all your favorite episodes of Geo TV channel dramas and tune in for the amazing show! You can also check out the earlier episodes of Heer Da Hero here.

Pakistani Dramas

Pakistani Dramas are well known for their Excellent Storytelling and high-quality Production as well Top notch Acting. They gained popularity all over the world, especially in Europe and Asia. They are covering a wide range of categories such as romantic dramas, historical epics, and social issues.

Pakistani Dramas cover main societal issues such as mental health, domestic violence, and child abuse. These topics are not the entertaining the audience but also educating them about these social Issues. In recent past few years, the number of actors and Writers has grown in the Pakistani drama industry.

GEO TV Dramas

GEO TV is one of the top brands and tv channels in the Pakistani drama industry. If you want to watch Romantic and reality of life, then GEO TV Dramas are top of the list. GEO TV Dramas cover a wide range of genres such as family dramas, thrillers, and crime dramas.

The main theme of this channel is Pakistani society, such as women’s rights, corruption, and religious extremism. They also shed light on the realistic portrayal of relationships and family dynamics. GEO TV plays an important role in the Pakistani drama industry with a loyal fan base.

Heer Da Hero Drama

Heer is a youthful and sure young lady, who has turned into a TikTok star with an enormous following via online entertainment. Legend, then again, is a magnetic and certain man, yet with a gentler side that he keeps stowed away.

Notwithstanding their families’ well-established quarrel, Heer and Legend start to foster affection for one another after funny first experiences. As they are going to explore their developing sentiment, Heer is acquainted with a possible accomplice, Zain who exacerbates the situation for Legend and Heer. At last, they end up on rival sides in an exceptionally challenged local area political race, where still up in the air to arise successfully.

Will their maturing sentiment get by despite such well-established hostility? Could their adoration at any point figure out how to break the pattern of disdain? Furthermore, what will happen to their relationship as they fight each other in the political race?

Whatever occurs, one thing is without a doubt: the family quarrel has never been very this crazy. From Heer’s dynamic character to Legend’s ludicrous tricks, this is a story that will keep you engaged all through.


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